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Welcome to the Ultimate Shayla Shayla Shirne. Here's where you find out all sorts of really cool info on the worlds coolest fire priestess (or would that be hottest?) Shayla Shayla.

Shayla Shayla is one of the three Muldoon priestesses from the hit anime series El Hazard. She is the priestess of fire, duh. She has a crsuh on Makoto while the cute lesbian allyelle has a crush on her. Shayla has a bitter rivalry with Afura Mann as duely noted in the TYV series. Aparently they went to school together. Shayla was always annoyed by that stuck up wench as she should be.. they fought many times but as to who actually won those fights.. well that depends on who you ask... if you ask me Shayla fried her several times over.

Fire is red and for the most part so is Shayla Shayla's appearence.. red hair, red suit and red hot personality. Her bitter wit and temper makes her an excellent choice for fire priestess.. No fire priesettss before her embodied the spirt of fire better.. but don't tell her that.

A few fan stories have been written around Shayla Shayla and I amk working on getting them here.. but that probably won't be for a while now. She is a part of the Ultimate Crossover Tournament Fighting repitoire.. but why shouldn't she be? that's my other page.

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